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Dear Customer :

Thank you for your interest in our DHC-6-300 Twin Otter / Vistaliner program. Twin Otter International is the world's largest owner/operator of the deHavilland Twin Otter with 20 aircraft in service. Over the past ten years we have accumulated more than 300,000 flight hours of experience and have established an extensive technical and maintenance support capability for both the aircraft we operate and for the aircraft we lease to others.

Our deHavilland Vistaliners feature large passenger windows for panoramic viewing, optional 4-blade noise suppressing props for a quieter ride, and custom 19-seat interiors with air conditioning. These modifications and improvements are made under FAA-issued Supplemental Type Certificates which we hold. All our aircraft are -300's, are configured identically, are equipped for instrument flight operations and meet the standards for commercial passenger service under FAA part 121 / 135 air carrier regulations.

Our leases are "dry," that is, the lessee is completely responsible for the cost of operating and maintaining the aircraft during the course of the lease. Rent is paid monthly with an additional flight-hour charge to cover our replacement of life-limited airframe and engine components when they come due. The amount of monthly rent and flight-hour reserve depends on the operating conditions, location and expected use of leased aircraft.

The Twin Otter airframe is maintained in accordance with the deHavilland-developed "EMMA" progressive inspection schedule. The Pratt and Whitney PT6A-27 engines are maintained "on condition", that is they are not overhauled on a fixed hour schedule. We can provide our FAA-approved aircraft and engine maintenance programs to assist lease customers in developing theirs.

Twin Otter International maintains an extensive DHC-6-300 parts and rotables inventory by which we can provide timely spares support at reasonable cost to our customers. In addition, we have an experienced technical team available to assist customers whenever questions arise. Many of our customers appreciate the convenience as well as cost savings by relying on us for replacement parts, overhauls and technical advice.

Flying in a Vistaliner is the only way to appreciate how superior our aircraft are over unmodified Twin Otters. We serve a demanding and upscale international clientele and our aircraft reflect the level of quality our customers demand.

Please feel free to contact me should you have interest .
Scott Seibold
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