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Vistaliner Features

  1. Enlarged windows for panoramic views from all seats.

  2. Custom 19-seat, passenger-pleasing interior.

  3. 4-blade noise suppressing props for a quieter passenger ride and a for a significantly reduced exterior noise footprint.

  4. Air Conditioned

  5. Standardized cockpit layout and passenger cabin interior for fleet commonality.

  6. Every Vistaliner meets all standards for scheduled passenger operations under Parts 135/121 including:

    • CVR, GPWS, and TCAS-1 (U.S. Lease Only).

    • Modifications and enhancements chosen by Twin Otter International to improve aircraft serviceability and reliability (igniters in place of glow plugs, Cleveland wheels and brakes, incorporation of certain Service Bulletins to reduce repetitive inspections, etc.).

    • Access to Twin Otter International's approved Airframe and Engine Maintenance and Inspection Program proven by Twin Otter International's 300,000 flight-hour experience with the DHC-6-300.

    • Access to Twin Otter International's technical staff and spares support crew of 21 persons for cost-effective maintenances support.

    • Twin Otter International has in-house capability for:

      FAA-Certified Repair Station for DHC-6 and PT6A-27 Line maintenance, inspection and repair.
      Complete Aircraft Modification and Refurbishment
      Avionics Installation and Troubleshooting
      P&W PT6A-27 Inspection and Evaluation
      Sheetmetal and Upholsery Support
      $4.1 Million DHC-6-300 and PT6A-27 Parts Inventory
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Vistaliner Leasing Program Avionics Program

Executive 2806 Perimiter Road
North Las Vegas, NV 89032
Telephone: (702) 646-8837
Fax: (702) 646-1493
Email: scott@twinotter.com
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